Speciality & Elastomeric Coatings

For customers desiring a higher performance coating, we offer a variety of options.

Electrostatic Coatings:

  • With special spray equipment, this service magnetizes paint molecules to increase its adhesion to metal surfaces. Many of our customer’s desiring this service are looking to paint metal lockers or other powder coated items.

Protective Coatings and Scuffmaster

  • We offer protective coatings to reduce scrapes in painted surfaces. These types of coatings can be added to most systems making them a very versatile product. Also these higher performance coatings reduce fading overtime of painted surfaces for exterior surfaces.

Elastomeric Coating

  • Mainly for exterior concrete, plaster, and CMU, Elastomeric coatings reduces the visibility of cracking in walls because the paint stretches to continue to cover as needed even as cracks expand.

Zolatone and Polomyx

  • Zolatone is a painting system that provides excellent wall protection and durability similar to Vinyl Wall Covering at a cheaper price. Its multi-colored appearance is an excellent way to excite a room, and should definitely be considered if a higher performance coating is desired.


The link below provides more information on Zolatone and Polomyx painting.


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