Commercial & Industrial Painting

Jonsco, Inc. provides Commercial and Industrial Painting services to new or existing business assets. Projects large and small, we provide the same quality and attention to the conditions of every job to ensure long lasting superior results.

Many of the keys for this is appropriate surface preparation and primer to ensure proper adhesion for the desired material. Most painting contractors will look past many of these steps because initially the customer will not notice if proper steps were taken to ensure quality finishing of the material. Our customer’s notice these steps overtime with our lasting results, and contact us again to paint more of their facilities.

Ensuring quality services for us does not mean just the material we are finishing, but it is protecting the other assets our customers have. Nothing is more annoying to us when we look at painted surfaces and see paint on a material requiring no paint. For that reason we protect surrounding material as needed to ensure that our clients’ other assets remain in pristine condition.


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